Progress Pics

As I continue following other weight loss blogs, I notice a common theme is
progress pictures. I went back through previous pictures and pulled some from the past. From now on, I plan to mark weight loss progress with intentional progression photographs.                                                          

Before Pictures:
July 2011: Jess's wedding.

July 2011: One Year post baby

July 2012: Using the kids to hide my body!
I had actually already started running by this picture but these three are closest to my highest weight picture.

 After Rejoining WW for the LAST Time!
November 2012: I was 17.4 lbs. down and was "running" at a 14
minute mile pace. I did this 5k with walk/run intervals and a time
of 44:04.
This was my first week back at WW!

April 2013:  About 30 lbs. down

May 2013: I am down 45 lbs in this picture; Jon is down about 50.

And the last pic I am going to include is a close up of my face from July 2012 and from now. This is 45 lbs lost:

June 2013: I officially hit the 50lbs lost mark:

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