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I have been thinking about this blog for awhile. I was not sure if this was something that I could get in to. I like reading and following so many successful women in weight loss and maintenance that blog regularly but I fear that I won't commit to writing often. One of my goals for 2013 is to be less "logged-on" and more hands free. However, I have always been one to journal and reflect--so why not use the time on the computer to document my journey from being a fat mom to a fit mom...and in the process, hopefully learn about myself along the way.

Who I am:
I am a mom to two beautiful girls (Emma, age 5 and Abbi, age 3), a mom to a beautiful angel (Hailey, who would be 7 his year) and a wife to the most amazing man, Jon. I am a school counselor, an avid reader, and a new runner. I am also significantly overweight.

I am not sure when it is that I first crossed the line from healthy to overweight, then obese, then morbidly obese. I know that I was embarrassed to get weighed in 6th grade health class because I feared I would weigh more than the other girls. I know that I believed I was fat in 7th grade when I was a starter for the junior high basketball team. Quite honestly, I was a little tall for my age, too developed (a C cup in junior high), and I had large muscular legs. When I look back at pictures, I am at a very healthy size, but as a young teen, I believed I was fat.
By high school, I was a three sport athlete (soccer, basketball, and softball). I still battled the belief that I was fat because I was larger than most of my friends. My parents both worked, I had two younger sisters, and we were all involved in athletics. We did not have a healthy diet, but we exercised regularly.  My senior year, I suffered a "career-ending" injury to my knee. I went from actively playing three sports, to not being able to walk. After surgery and months of  intensive therapy, I was eventually able to walk regularly, but not play sports competitively.
My freshman year of college, I met Jon. He was a football player, and he loved to eat. He was big--athletically so--not fat. However, he also sustained a knee injury that took him out of football. Together, we were happy--we went out often, we ate out often--we gained weight!
We were married in 2003 and built our first home in 2004. Though we ate out less, we did not cook healthy meals. In January of 2005, I joined Weight Watchers for the 3rd time in my life. Jon and I made a deal: after we both lose 50lbs, we would start trying to have a baby. In July of 2005, I came home to announce that I lost 3.4 lbs, and that I was officially over the 50 lbs. lost mark (53 total). Jon had crossed the bridge before me, so we were just waiting on me! Little did we know, we were already pregnant with Hailey Mae. 
During Hailey's pregnancy, I gained 35 lbs and ended up on bed rest in November 2005; Hailey was born in February 2006. Jon continued to lose and cross the 100 lbs lost mark. Hailey was born with several health problems, and with the help of Starshine Hospice, we took her home where she lived to be 13 days old. After Hailey's passing, we engrossed our self in projects, exercise, spending money... anything that kept our mind off our loss. I lost all of my pregnancy weight, and Jon continued to lose until he hit the 180 mark (120 lbs lost).
We decided to try to have another baby--lots of fertility medication, pregnancy loss, STRESS for several months, and we both found ourselves gaining weight. Eventually, we got pregnant with Emma. I gained 30lbs with pregnancy, Jon gained 65 pounds. Emma was born in 2008. After Emma's birth, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and began taking synthroid.
In 2009, we were blessed with a surprise pregnancy, resulting in Abbi. I gained 30 lbs, Jon gained 40. Needless to say, all of our hard work with weight watchers was gone...completely. Since my first successful experience on weight watchers, I have joined and rejoined numerous times. I always got in the way of my own success.

I rejoined for the final time in November 2012. This time, its different. This time I have goals and I am sick of tired of being sick and tired. This time, I am dedicated. This time, I will succeed and I will evenutally be 100lbs less of a mom than I was in November of 2012.

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