Friday, May 31, 2013

Non-scale Victories

Non-Scale Victories (NSV) are important to acknowledge because there are times when the scale doesn't reflect the hard work that we have put in. There are also times, even when the scale is reflecting hard work, that NSVs can add a bit of excitement. I have a couple NSV's to share from this week. 

First of all, I started a sticker chart for both Jon and I back in November when we first re-joined weight watchers. Each sticker equals a pound loss. I also have a picture of my girls right by our sticker chart to remind us that we are setting habits for our children that are lifelong. Between the two of us, there are 99 stickers hanging on my refrigerator.  The average weight for a 12-13 year old girl is 95-105. We have lost a 12 year old!!!

This sticker chart, along with my girls pic, hanging on my fridge is an anchor that keeps me steady when I want to head in for my evening snacks!

Another NSV to celebrate is a moment between Jon and I yesterday. We were having a conversation, and I went to hug him. We were standing there talking, and Jon had his short arms wrapped all the way around my waist and his hands were linked together. This was a HUGE deal for me, but I didn't even notice at first. We were just chatting in that position, and then it hit me, "Are your hands linked together!!!" We both started giggling because its been a long time since we could stand like that. I guess, when you remove 100 pounds out of the hug, hugging gets easier!

Last night I was packing to go to Ohio for the weekend and I was trying on clothes. I was 'shopping' in the small section of my closet. I tried on two shirts that I have not worn in years. Both fit very nicely! They are also the smallest shirts in my closet so I am to the end of my own closet shopping! I will be wearing one of the two shirts on Saturday at a family function.

My last NSV to celebrate today is the demise of a "favorite" shirt! I had this shirt that I bought at Lane Bryant that fit nicely, it was black, and I wore it often with jeans. Last time I wore it, I thought it looked sloppy because it was too big now. However, I refuse to buy new clothes right now, so i am continuing to wear these clothes. Well apparently, my laundry skills are lacking because I bleached my "favorite" shirt. I couldn't even be sad about it because I really shouldn't be wearing it any more!  

This weekend we are heading to Ohio for a family function. This is always a challenge for me but my parents have been doing calorie counting as well. In fact, my dad has lost 40 pounds and won a biggest loser challenge. Mom has lost 30--I am very proud of them both! I plan to stay on track and stay focused, even with the upcoming challenge.

Until next time, working my way to fit,

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Early morning #3..

Quick post today because I am in a bit of a hurry. This morning was #3 of going to PF prior to starting my day. The last two mornings, I have arrived by 4:45 (EEEEEEK). For some reason, today was rough and I did not get a full run in. I did my normal warm up, started to run at a 5.5 pace and EXCRUCIATING pain radiated from my middle two toes. I hopped off the treadmill, stretched, jumped on my toes, and decided to try again. It was still hurting, though not as bad. I decided to just do a fast walk instead. I walked a 4+ pace. I ended up doing 2.6 miles in 40 minutes. After walking all day on my foot, it feels much better. I am not sure what the problem was this morning.

I will say that I learned that three mornings of working out equals a day of feeling HUNGRY all day. I emailed Jon to tell him I was ready to eat my arm! I stayed on point though; I snacked with two apples and an orange. (Normally, I only need one snack during the day and its usually an apple!). 

Tonight is Emma's final soccer party so we are going to a pizza place. I have enough points for two pieces of cheese pizza and a shared Caesar salad. I'm planning ahead so I keep true to my program.

Have a great night! Thanks for reading--I enjoy all of the messages I have gotten :)

As always, working my way to fit,

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekly Weigh in and Addition of Progress Pics

Today was the last day of school for teachers! It feels great to be ending another school year. I have one full week of work and then its SUMMER TIME for me! Honestly, in ten years of being in education, I have never just taken a summer off. Usually, I am going to work shops, lesson planning, doing committee work, etc. This summer, I am truly taking OFF! And, I am looking forward to it. I am going to focus on my health and my family so that when I go back to school I will be revitalized and rejuvenated, and hopefully several pounds lighter.

Speaking of pounds, I went to Weight Watchers today to weigh-in since I missed on Sunday. I lost 2.6 this week :) I earned my 25 pound trinket (26.6 total, 46 grand total!). I am feeling pretty satisfied about this loss.

I realize that for many many weight loss blogs, there is always a section of progress pics. I decided to add mine here: Progress Pictures. I don't notice a huge difference yet in my pics, but I can see my face starting to slim down. It will be fun to look back at these pics as I continue to lose.

Today was the big 4:30 am date with Planet Fitness and it actually felt pretty great. I did a 5k in 36 minutes, my lowest time yet. I actually ran at a 11 minute mile pace for 18 solid minutes and then walked at a 4mph for 4 minutes and then resumed running. On work days, I am going to stick to around 3.1-3.5 miles and then plan for longer runs on non-work days.

 I have 6 points plus left so I am ready to see what kind of yummy snack I can find and then I'm off to watch "So You Think You Can Dance" with the hubs.  An odd show for us to like since we are both non-dancers, but after watching this show for so many seasons I really do "think I can dance" just not to be seen by anyone over the age of 5 :)

Happy Tuesday to you all!
Working my way to fit,

Monday, May 27, 2013

Early Morning workout (Just like Jon)

 Good morning!

This morning I attempted my first run since my surgery. Originally, my surgeon told me it would take about 2 weeks before I could return to running as usual. On Saturday, I did 30 minutes at a 15 minute mile pace. It was a brisk walk, but I felt pretty good after.

I am really trying to focus on the above picture. Its important, but I need to share why I am going to try to switch my workout routine to the morning. Jon has really embraced the 3 days on, one day off and he is literally melting before my eyes. I am trying hard not to be in competition or compare myself to him. We are a team and in this together; but, my goodness, he is looking good! (Sorry for the digression!) Anyway, I believe part of his success is because he is doing he is fasting during his daily cardio. I've read a lot about pre-workout and post-workout meals. It seems that cardio in the morning is exceptionally beneficial for fat burning.  It is REALLY hard for me to workout in the morning because I leave for work about 6:15 am. However, kids are no longer in session, which means, I can show up a little later. This morning, I am off work for the holiday and decided to give the morning workouts a chance.

I actually felt pretty great during my workout. Previously, I had dropped my warm up to a 3 minute walk. This morning, I needed the full five minutes to get my muscles really ready. I had originally set the treadmill for 60 minutes. My plan to begin with was to do some interval training for the first 30, then to walk for the rest. Slowly, work my way back to running. Mission failed. I actually started feeling really great and did a full mile at a 11 minute mile pace. Took a couple minutes for a walk, then hit a second mile at a 11 minute mile pace. Ultimately, I did start feeling a little sore, so I divided the 3rd mile with more intervals. I did a 3.1 miles in 37 minutes and then followed with a 3 minute cool down. I stopped at 40 minutes because I knew that I pushed myself a little and I do want to be able to run tomorrow to. So far, no major ill effects for running earlier than scheduled ( a few minors things that I will not share in a public post!).

Overall, I am glad I tried the AM workout. I am proud of my 37 minute 5k time. 

Oh..and for an update on my weigh in... well, it didn't happen!!! I am so frustrated because I KNOW I had a pretty decent loss this week. We were in an appointment and I was watching the clock like crazy, hoping I would still make it to WW. By the time we were close to the WW center, it was already closed. I am going to try to go today for an open weigh in (not sure if they are open). If not, then I will stop on my way home tomorrow and weigh in after work. I would like to stay for a meeting, but I definitely need to get my weight recorded so I can keep up my progress!

As always, working my way to fit,

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Motivational Moments

Motivational moments can come in places you don't expect. Saturday evening, I went to Planet Fitness because I NEEDED to get back to exercising.  I was still a little unsure about running too early post-surgery, so I decided to do a fast walk. I did 30 minutes at a 4 which equated to 2 miles. Back when I started this progress, a 4 was a 'run' for me. Now, its a speed walk.

Anyway, as I was leaving planet fitness, I passed by a woman on the treadmill and I was so inspired by her. She was walking at a 2.4 and had already walked over a mile. She was large enough that she had to have assistance getting on the treadmill. Yet, she was still there, in a gym, at 9:00 on a Saturday night.  I am so proud of her for getting out to PF and making progress. I have no idea how far along she is in her journey, but I was literally moved to tears by her. I hope to see her more often.

Instagram, facebook, and blogs have become popular platforms for weight loss documentation. When I wake up, the first thing I do is check my phone for updates on my favorite blogs. Katie at Runs for Cookies has become one of my favorite "go to" blogs. She's funny, she's "real" and she has lost over 125 lbs. I feel like she had similar goals to what I have started with, and she used running and weight watchers as a way to get there. I am still a little new to actually blogging, but I stumbling upon her blog was one of the best things I have done!!! Check her out--she's awesome!

Emily, over at Blogging Runner, has become another one of my "go to" blogs. I have realized that running really is a sport that I can get in to and reading about how much others have gotten out of running has really helped me. Emily also used weight watchers as well as running to lose her weight. She is fantastic and another blogger you should check out if you need some motivation!

Today is a weigh in day for me, so I will be updating again later. I just really wanted to share my store about the lady at planet fitness last night, because even after I woke up this morning, them image of her working so hard has stuck with me.

Until later,
Working my way to fit,

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Another one bites the dust

I can not believe the end is here. Today is our last school day for students; while I still have to work, there is a different pressure once students are gone! I have been thinking a lot about my goals for this summer; I really want to boost my weight loss efforts with more increased exercises.

I was reading a weight loss blog post about doing a 3 days on, 1 day off workout routine. Jon and I discussed it and that was the routine we were to start following. Jon has done AWESOME! He is slimming down and he has really embraced the 3on1off. I, however, have not. It seems like there is always something stopping me. This week, it has been recovery from my surgery. Last week, it was an insane schedule of soccer games and practices.

Starting this weekend, our lives seem to settle down a bit. My goal is to hit PF tonight, Saturday and Sunday for my 3 on. I will take Monday off. Then, I hope to be able to go to PF before work on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of next week. Since students are not in school, I won't need to be as early as I have been.

Working out in the evening is a challenge because more appealing opportunities arise. I am really hoping that by trying to incorporate morning workouts, I will get in a nice rhythm by the time next school year starts.

As a fun side note: I started the C25K program last June and struggled to "run" two miles in 35 minutes. In fact, I remember thinking "running" 3 minutes in a row was HARD. Now, I am doing interval training runs for 50 minutes and am hitting over 4 miles. I am pretty proud of the progress I have made in a year. I still have a long way to go, but isn't that the point of the weight loss journey? There is always room to do better!

Have a happy Friday!
Working my way to fit!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Long time, no post!

I was shocked to check back at my blog and realize that it has been since February since my last post! Life got busy and blogging got put on the back-burner. I follow so many wonderful blogs that I found I would rather spend my time reading what those authors were writing than taking the time to write my own post. However, now that summer is approaching and life is settling down, my goal is to get back to writing. Since it has been so long since my last post, I am going to post a few updates.

Weight loss: I have been going strong and faithfully following the weight watchers program. I am currently at a total loss of 46 lbs. We have a new leader that I like a lot and I have found that tracking is key. As long as I am tracking, I am losing!

Exercise: Exercise has been more sporadic than I would like, but I have reached some new personal records. I did interval training with Jon for 4.56 miles; my goal was to hit 4 miles, I never dreamed to him 4.56. Now, my next goal is 5 miles.

Other health: I had my first of two surgeries this week. Because of this week's surgery, I have not been to Planet Fitness this week at all. All went well with the surgery and I am feeling much better.  I hope to be back at PF by this weekend! My oral surgery (wisdom tooth extraction) is scheduled for June 7th.

I am hoping to be more diligent about journaling my weight loss journey. I have been so inspired by the weight loss blogs and running blogs that I follow; I want to keep this blog as a documentation of my journey.

Until next time,
Working my way to fit,