Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weigh In Day! Officially 50 lbs down!

Good afternoon,
Today's weigh in marked an important mile-stone for me: I have officially lost 50lbs.  This week was a total of 1.4. Together, Jon and I have lost 102 lbs. This is important to me for multiple reasons:
1. Every time I have lost 50lbs, I have gotten pregnant, thus gaining the weight back. No pregnancy for me this time (permanent prevention will ensure this!).
2. This is the lowest weight I have been since I got pregnant with Hailey (7 years ago).
3. I bought a pair of shorts in the same size I bought my freshman year of college (and I cried a little in the dressing room!).

Here's the unfortunate part of this milestone (for right now). I lost part of my weight before joining weight watchers so they only consider the 30lbs I have lost with them. I have missed the last several meetings and have been meeting hopping. I wanted to celebrate the important milestones with my leader (on Sundays) so I have not gotten my 10% key ring yet even though I earned it a while ago.  I really would like a 50lb charm from them...but I suppose I am 20 pounds away from that, according to WW! Anyway, since I officially hit the 50lb mark, I am putting up a new progress pic. I will add this pic to the progress pic page.

On another note, for our 10th wedding anniversary (last month), I gave Jon a bundle of envelopes with 12 pre-planned dates (1 per month). He opens the envelope on the last day of the month before, we read the date, and mark it on the calendar immediately. This month was Putt-Putt golf, just like we used to do! We took a few pictures and Jon commented: "wow, we're a good looking couple!" I thought it was pretty cute of him to say. We had a lot of fun; we always have fun together but I am loving our new healthy, energetic relationship. We have gone through so much together in the last 10 years of marriage, and nearly 14 years of being a couple, that this road to health has been quite a "fun" adventure. I love seeing us revert to the youthful couple we were when we first started dating.

Not much of an insightful post tonight; I just really wanted to update on progress since it was a weigh in day!

Working our way to fit as a family,

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