Friday, June 21, 2013

Family Fitness spreads...

Good morning,
Yesterday was my rest day, and I thoroughly enjoyed a night off running! I still did Emma's mile with her though. Since we set out to do a mile a day; she has not missed one. Yesterday, I drove Emma up to Kentucky where we met my mom and aunt. Emma is spending the week with my family. Because of the drive, Emma had to run in the morning yesterday. I took Abbi out to Jon's car to put her in her car seat and give her some loving. When I came back in the house, I couldn't find Emma. She had taken it upon herself to go change her clothes and get ready for her run. She had to wait on me to get ready; I am so happy she is taking the initiative on her own!

With Emma spending the week in Ohio, we had to make sure everyone was on board with her exercise plan. Aunt Jess will be running with her and mammaw and pappaw will be walking with her as well! Its a multi-generational plan for Emma :)

I received a message from a reader asking about what happens if Jon and I are not on the same page with diet/exercise. I think this is a common problem. Right now, Jon and I are totally on plan together but there are times when we aren't. Its much more difficult to be successful, but its not impossible.

If I look back over the last several months of Weight Loss, I can tell you exactly when Jon and I were not on the same page. In November, Jon gained the entire month and I lost the entire month. I was clearly on plan; Jon was not. Through out the last couple of months there have been weeks where I was frustrated and wanted to give up or just got tired of counting points (those weeks were either gains or no losses). It is much more difficult to stay on plan when your significant other is enjoying a greasy cheeseburger or a large ice cream. However, keeping your goal insight is key. Ultimately, this journey is an individual journey. Is it better to have someone working with you--absolutely--but you can't let your partners choices deter your goal. I am so grateful that Jon and I are both dedicated at this point. When one of us is having a crisis (not wanting to exercise, eating a gallon of ice cream) we can talk to each other about it and know that the other person can talk us off that ledge. Prior to our journey, if I wanted ice cream, Jon would go to Kroger and buy it. If Jon wanted ice cream, I'd yell "get me some too" as he headed out the door!

Communication is key in this situation. I have asked Jon to support my goals and he has asked the same as me. If I am about to binge, he will ask in a non-threatening, non-mean tone :"how many points is that?" There was a time when I would have been angry at him ("you're saying I'm fat and can't eat this???") but now I appreciate the support. I know he is only doing what I have asked. My advice for the person that is struggling to stay on plan because your partner is not dedicated to being healthy is to communicate your goals and ask for support, but keep your individual focus. Ultimately, you will feel better and perhaps your healthy eating and exercise will be contagious and your partner will join you!
Best of luck and thank you for the message!!!
Working our way to fit as a family,

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