Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Believe it. Be it. Weekly weigh in and National Runners Day

Last night, baby sister and I went to Planet Fitness to work off a delicious dinner out. I decided I wanted a longer burn, so I set the treadmill for 60 minutes. I was trying to pace myself because I knew that I would run out of steam early. I made it 4.63 miles in interval running/walking (5 minute warm up and cool down) so really, 4.63 miles in 50 minutes. I am pretty pleased with this and it was a new record for me.

With today being National Running Day, something I learned from a life-long friend, I wanted to celebrate my new length record. I found this national running day bib here and had to think long and hard before I came up with a reason that was significant enough for me. I run for a lot of reasons, but most importantly, running is a vehicle on my road to fitness and health.  Tonight, my goal, will be to hit 4.75 miles :)

During my run at PF last night, I avoided my usual Ipod and music and plugged in to the tv because Extreme Weight Loss was on. The person on the show yesterday had a tattoo that said "Believe it, Be it, 155" written across her stomach. In one year, she went from 413lbs to 155lbs. I was amazed watching her run and exercise and so very proud of her accomplishment. I love the idea behind "Believe it. Be it." I have been looking for a short quick little mantra to recite to myself when I am plagued with self-doubt and I think I will keep the "Believe it. Be it." as something to remember.

You all know that I made some food choices beyond my normal routines this week with the party, the emotional eating, etc. I still was not worried about my weigh-in today because I knew that I had tracked every bite and that I was well within my total weekly allowable. At today's weigh-in, I was down -2.8!!! Woohooo!!!

As long as all goes well on Friday, I will be back to WW on Sundays from now on! I am looking forward to it; I miss my meeting leader and the friends I have made during my Sunday weigh ins.

Another shout-out to my newest runners who completed day 3 today. I am SO VERY PROUD of you!

Working my way to fit,

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