Tuesday, June 11, 2013

That really HURTS!

So I am not typically one to complain about pain; I have a high pain tolerance and when I do finally complain about pain, its usually bad (as in I need medical intervention quickly). I was nervous about having my wisdom teeth taken out because I had heard all kinds of horror stories. I also heard from several people that they were "fine the next day."  I SO VERY BADLY wanted to be in the "fine the next day" category. Alas, I was/am not.

On Saturday, I was feeling okay so we did a 2.2 mile walk with the kiddos. When I woke up Sunday, the swelling on my face was worse than the day before. I ended up needing more pain pills, so my goal of working out was thwarted. Yesterday, Emma and I did lots of organization and cleaning. Between Ibuprofen and ice, I was able to tolerate my mouth pain most of the day. When Jon arrived home though, I took another pain pill and went to sleep with ice on my face.

Today, 3/4 of my mouth feels fine. I feel like I could go easily run if it were just those three teeth that were extracted...and then there's the bottom left  that is KILLING me! I go back to the doctor tomorrow; I feel like something has to be not right about the way its healing. It is significantly more painful than the rest. Honestly, the others are still a little sore and a little bruised, but my goodness it feels like he left a scalpel down in my jaw on the left side.

My plan for the rest of the day is to finish organizing the spare bedroom with E and then go through E's drawers to clear out some of the clothes she has out grown. I am trying to keep myself active during the day so as to get some activity points.

Walking is a great exercise and I am going to try  do a bit of a walk today with E; its better than nothing!

Here's hoping my next post is done without mention of pain!

Working my way to fit,

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