Tuesday, June 18, 2013

ABBI-MONSTER strikes again...

This morning, I planned to do a 45 minute workout before the girls got up. They have their well visit appointments today so I wanted to get my workout in before our day began. Abbi had different plans for us.

Abbi earned the nick-name Abbi-Monster when she was kicked out of the nursery her first night after she was born because she was waking up all the other babies. When we call her Abbi-Monster, we mean it with affection and she giggles and "roars" at us. Last night, not a lot of giggling happening in my house! Abbi COULD NOT sleep from 3-6. She was up at 9:30 when we went to check on her (we put her down to sleep at 8:00. She must have dozed off sometime after 9:30, but then at about 11:00 came begging to sleep in our room. We built her a pallet on the floor because she is very difficult to sleep with. She tosses and turns and moans cries. Its quite insane. Anyway, at about 3:00 she asked me if bed time was over, I told her to go back to sleep and she began flipping and flopping and spinning in circles on the floor "trying to get comfortable" . Unfortunately, this is a relatively common occurrence for Abbi. She doesn't sleep all the way through the night very often. She typically wakes up several times at night. I am going to speak to the doctor about this today because after 3 year of this, I would like some solid sleep (and I am POSITIVE Jon feels the same way!) ETA: Her pediatrician reccomended we try melatonin with her... started 1/2 dose tonight.

When our alarm went off this morning, Jon slowly sat up on the side of the bed (we were both exhausted from Abbi). I said, "ugh, this is the type of morning that will tempt you in to an evening workout." He sat there for a second and asked if I wanted to work out this evening instead. I replied some sleepy sort of yes, so we went back to sleep and actually got a solid hour of sleep from 5-6 until Abbi woke up for good. Don't 3-years-olds need more sleep that a few non-consecutive hours? I konw for a fact that 32 year-olds do!

For the last few days, I have been trying out a new ap called "Moves."
A friend introduced it to me and I LOVE IT. Its like a pedometer but it tracks all your movement (running, wiking, biking) it can distinguish when you are traveling in a car and it goes in to batter saver mode when you are inactive. The first day I downloaded it, I cleaned the house for several hours. My phone sat on the charger, or on the counter, or on the dresser. I earned 139 steps... I realized I needed to make a point to keep my phone on me! Saturday, I earned 2,960 steps (again, most of the time at home, I didnt keep my phone on me.).  Sunday back to 192 steps ( a whole day at home, a whole day phoneless!). Yesterday I made a point to keep my phone on me with a goal of 10, 000 steps. I hit 10, 249 walking steps which, according to the ap is 1 hour 36 minuties of walking or 4.4 miles. I did not realize it would track running separately so most of my workout yesterday my phone sat on the treadmill. I picked it up to see if it would count my steps, so i actually earned 0.5 miles running (984 steps in additiona to my 10, 249).
The ap is cool because it shows you how much time you spent each place all day long. The only problem I have with  (aside from my problem of leaving my phone laying around) is it does tend to drain the battery quickly. It is supposed to last all day on one charge, but I guess I am using some other battery hogging aps as well. I find that whenever I am not moving, I need to plug my phone in! Not a huge deal, but just need to charge a little more often than I used to.

And for an update on Emma's "marathon" training. Today she ran a mile with me in 14:40. She shaved 4 minutes of her time and did not complain about running once. It was cooler today and I think the idea of running for a long time scared her. I told her day two would be easier and it was. She said tommorow she was going to run her mile in 5 minutes. If she does, this mamma won't be able to keep up with her!!!

As always, working my way to fit,

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