Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekly Weigh in and Addition of Progress Pics

Today was the last day of school for teachers! It feels great to be ending another school year. I have one full week of work and then its SUMMER TIME for me! Honestly, in ten years of being in education, I have never just taken a summer off. Usually, I am going to work shops, lesson planning, doing committee work, etc. This summer, I am truly taking OFF! And, I am looking forward to it. I am going to focus on my health and my family so that when I go back to school I will be revitalized and rejuvenated, and hopefully several pounds lighter.

Speaking of pounds, I went to Weight Watchers today to weigh-in since I missed on Sunday. I lost 2.6 this week :) I earned my 25 pound trinket (26.6 total, 46 grand total!). I am feeling pretty satisfied about this loss.

I realize that for many many weight loss blogs, there is always a section of progress pics. I decided to add mine here: Progress Pictures. I don't notice a huge difference yet in my pics, but I can see my face starting to slim down. It will be fun to look back at these pics as I continue to lose.

Today was the big 4:30 am date with Planet Fitness and it actually felt pretty great. I did a 5k in 36 minutes, my lowest time yet. I actually ran at a 11 minute mile pace for 18 solid minutes and then walked at a 4mph for 4 minutes and then resumed running. On work days, I am going to stick to around 3.1-3.5 miles and then plan for longer runs on non-work days.

 I have 6 points plus left so I am ready to see what kind of yummy snack I can find and then I'm off to watch "So You Think You Can Dance" with the hubs.  An odd show for us to like since we are both non-dancers, but after watching this show for so many seasons I really do "think I can dance" just not to be seen by anyone over the age of 5 :)

Happy Tuesday to you all!
Working my way to fit,

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