Monday, May 27, 2013

Early Morning workout (Just like Jon)

 Good morning!

This morning I attempted my first run since my surgery. Originally, my surgeon told me it would take about 2 weeks before I could return to running as usual. On Saturday, I did 30 minutes at a 15 minute mile pace. It was a brisk walk, but I felt pretty good after.

I am really trying to focus on the above picture. Its important, but I need to share why I am going to try to switch my workout routine to the morning. Jon has really embraced the 3 days on, one day off and he is literally melting before my eyes. I am trying hard not to be in competition or compare myself to him. We are a team and in this together; but, my goodness, he is looking good! (Sorry for the digression!) Anyway, I believe part of his success is because he is doing he is fasting during his daily cardio. I've read a lot about pre-workout and post-workout meals. It seems that cardio in the morning is exceptionally beneficial for fat burning.  It is REALLY hard for me to workout in the morning because I leave for work about 6:15 am. However, kids are no longer in session, which means, I can show up a little later. This morning, I am off work for the holiday and decided to give the morning workouts a chance.

I actually felt pretty great during my workout. Previously, I had dropped my warm up to a 3 minute walk. This morning, I needed the full five minutes to get my muscles really ready. I had originally set the treadmill for 60 minutes. My plan to begin with was to do some interval training for the first 30, then to walk for the rest. Slowly, work my way back to running. Mission failed. I actually started feeling really great and did a full mile at a 11 minute mile pace. Took a couple minutes for a walk, then hit a second mile at a 11 minute mile pace. Ultimately, I did start feeling a little sore, so I divided the 3rd mile with more intervals. I did a 3.1 miles in 37 minutes and then followed with a 3 minute cool down. I stopped at 40 minutes because I knew that I pushed myself a little and I do want to be able to run tomorrow to. So far, no major ill effects for running earlier than scheduled ( a few minors things that I will not share in a public post!).

Overall, I am glad I tried the AM workout. I am proud of my 37 minute 5k time. 

Oh..and for an update on my weigh in... well, it didn't happen!!! I am so frustrated because I KNOW I had a pretty decent loss this week. We were in an appointment and I was watching the clock like crazy, hoping I would still make it to WW. By the time we were close to the WW center, it was already closed. I am going to try to go today for an open weigh in (not sure if they are open). If not, then I will stop on my way home tomorrow and weigh in after work. I would like to stay for a meeting, but I definitely need to get my weight recorded so I can keep up my progress!

As always, working my way to fit,

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