Sunday, May 26, 2013

Motivational Moments

Motivational moments can come in places you don't expect. Saturday evening, I went to Planet Fitness because I NEEDED to get back to exercising.  I was still a little unsure about running too early post-surgery, so I decided to do a fast walk. I did 30 minutes at a 4 which equated to 2 miles. Back when I started this progress, a 4 was a 'run' for me. Now, its a speed walk.

Anyway, as I was leaving planet fitness, I passed by a woman on the treadmill and I was so inspired by her. She was walking at a 2.4 and had already walked over a mile. She was large enough that she had to have assistance getting on the treadmill. Yet, she was still there, in a gym, at 9:00 on a Saturday night.  I am so proud of her for getting out to PF and making progress. I have no idea how far along she is in her journey, but I was literally moved to tears by her. I hope to see her more often.

Instagram, facebook, and blogs have become popular platforms for weight loss documentation. When I wake up, the first thing I do is check my phone for updates on my favorite blogs. Katie at Runs for Cookies has become one of my favorite "go to" blogs. She's funny, she's "real" and she has lost over 125 lbs. I feel like she had similar goals to what I have started with, and she used running and weight watchers as a way to get there. I am still a little new to actually blogging, but I stumbling upon her blog was one of the best things I have done!!! Check her out--she's awesome!

Emily, over at Blogging Runner, has become another one of my "go to" blogs. I have realized that running really is a sport that I can get in to and reading about how much others have gotten out of running has really helped me. Emily also used weight watchers as well as running to lose her weight. She is fantastic and another blogger you should check out if you need some motivation!

Today is a weigh in day for me, so I will be updating again later. I just really wanted to share my store about the lady at planet fitness last night, because even after I woke up this morning, them image of her working so hard has stuck with me.

Until later,
Working my way to fit,

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