Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Early morning #3..

Quick post today because I am in a bit of a hurry. This morning was #3 of going to PF prior to starting my day. The last two mornings, I have arrived by 4:45 (EEEEEEK). For some reason, today was rough and I did not get a full run in. I did my normal warm up, started to run at a 5.5 pace and EXCRUCIATING pain radiated from my middle two toes. I hopped off the treadmill, stretched, jumped on my toes, and decided to try again. It was still hurting, though not as bad. I decided to just do a fast walk instead. I walked a 4+ pace. I ended up doing 2.6 miles in 40 minutes. After walking all day on my foot, it feels much better. I am not sure what the problem was this morning.

I will say that I learned that three mornings of working out equals a day of feeling HUNGRY all day. I emailed Jon to tell him I was ready to eat my arm! I stayed on point though; I snacked with two apples and an orange. (Normally, I only need one snack during the day and its usually an apple!). 

Tonight is Emma's final soccer party so we are going to a pizza place. I have enough points for two pieces of cheese pizza and a shared Caesar salad. I'm planning ahead so I keep true to my program.

Have a great night! Thanks for reading--I enjoy all of the messages I have gotten :)

As always, working my way to fit,

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