Friday, May 31, 2013

Non-scale Victories

Non-Scale Victories (NSV) are important to acknowledge because there are times when the scale doesn't reflect the hard work that we have put in. There are also times, even when the scale is reflecting hard work, that NSVs can add a bit of excitement. I have a couple NSV's to share from this week. 

First of all, I started a sticker chart for both Jon and I back in November when we first re-joined weight watchers. Each sticker equals a pound loss. I also have a picture of my girls right by our sticker chart to remind us that we are setting habits for our children that are lifelong. Between the two of us, there are 99 stickers hanging on my refrigerator.  The average weight for a 12-13 year old girl is 95-105. We have lost a 12 year old!!!

This sticker chart, along with my girls pic, hanging on my fridge is an anchor that keeps me steady when I want to head in for my evening snacks!

Another NSV to celebrate is a moment between Jon and I yesterday. We were having a conversation, and I went to hug him. We were standing there talking, and Jon had his short arms wrapped all the way around my waist and his hands were linked together. This was a HUGE deal for me, but I didn't even notice at first. We were just chatting in that position, and then it hit me, "Are your hands linked together!!!" We both started giggling because its been a long time since we could stand like that. I guess, when you remove 100 pounds out of the hug, hugging gets easier!

Last night I was packing to go to Ohio for the weekend and I was trying on clothes. I was 'shopping' in the small section of my closet. I tried on two shirts that I have not worn in years. Both fit very nicely! They are also the smallest shirts in my closet so I am to the end of my own closet shopping! I will be wearing one of the two shirts on Saturday at a family function.

My last NSV to celebrate today is the demise of a "favorite" shirt! I had this shirt that I bought at Lane Bryant that fit nicely, it was black, and I wore it often with jeans. Last time I wore it, I thought it looked sloppy because it was too big now. However, I refuse to buy new clothes right now, so i am continuing to wear these clothes. Well apparently, my laundry skills are lacking because I bleached my "favorite" shirt. I couldn't even be sad about it because I really shouldn't be wearing it any more!  

This weekend we are heading to Ohio for a family function. This is always a challenge for me but my parents have been doing calorie counting as well. In fact, my dad has lost 40 pounds and won a biggest loser challenge. Mom has lost 30--I am very proud of them both! I plan to stay on track and stay focused, even with the upcoming challenge.

Until next time, working my way to fit,

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