Thursday, January 31, 2013

STRESS and the importance of finding something to ground me

Stress is such a trigger for me to want to over eat. There are several factors in my life right now causing more negative stress than usual, and I just keep thinking about wanting to go and eat some comfort food. Luckily, I have an excellent support system and a wonderful husband that is reminding me of my goals. I think by writing this post, I am actually talking myself off that ledge--you know the one that keeps calling me to the kitchen for a snack.

As a counselor, I practice de-escalation techniques with students most days of the week. One of the things I encourage my students to do is to focus on something that will keep them calm. In practicing what I preach, I want to share a new moment in my life that is helping keep me grounded.  Rachel of the Hands Free Mama blog, shared something she does call the Heart Beat Check. I LOVE THIS--and have started doing Heart Beat Checks with my girls every night. Tonight, Abbi was squiggly and wiggly and I did not get a good listen. Emma told me that her heart was a little grumpy and that's why she wasn't a good listener tonight. When I leaned my ear in and listened to her heart, I told her I heard a happy heart that was just a little too tired. It was a sweet moment that brought me to tears.

This journey to get healthy is not just about physical health; its holistic health. There are things working in my life right now that are beyond my control, turning to food won't solve those problems. However, a little heart beat check can put me back on the right track to having the mental stability to deny those food cravings and handle those stressors one at a time.

How do you handle stressors? What keeps you grounded?

Working my way to fit,

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