Monday, January 28, 2013

Finding Peace in Chaos

Roid Rage in Planet Fitness today really put a damper on my work out. There were two people that were just insanely confrontational and trying to start a fight with intimidation tactics which included blocking some of the machines in the circuit training. The directions are clearly posted and it was a super busy night at PF, so there were several people in the circuit. One of the members made a comment about people not following the directions; unfortunately, that member tapped me on the shoulder and made the comment specifically to me. While I was annoyed by the two not following the workout correctly, I was just minding my own business trying to push myself for my own workout. Well, the confrontational people continued to make comments, blocking the machine to where I couldn't get to my phone and water bottle, and then followed me to the locker room and to the door. If they would have followed me outside, I would have had to say something to the manager. If they are there again, and continuing to get in the way of my workout, I will say something to the manager. I was so frustrated that I was fuming by the time I got home. I explain the situation to Jon, who agrees the people were ridiculous. Really, I just wish the other member would not have made her comment to me because it looked like I was part of the conversation.
Regardless, there is a lesson to learn here:
PF is my place of solace; I feel great when I am there and I feel proud after my workouts. I belong there; I need to be there. No one, including myself, will get in the way of my workout. I let myself get worked up over people who don't know me. People who don't know my journey. My focus is on my journey. I will not be intimidated about going back; perhaps, if confrontational couple is there I can talk to them about the circuit and how it works in a friendly way. The goal is for a healthier life-style for all of us. Maybe they were intimidated by how things work. It doesn't really matter why they acted like they acted. I can not control their actions, I can only control my own. I earned my 16 exercise points for 64 minutes of exercise. I accomplished a longer run, a higher incline, and heavier weights. Breathe in, breathe out, and keep at it. There's much to be grateful for, and there is peace in my heart knowing that my hard work is paying off...

Working my way to fit,


  1. What a pain. You have the right attitude, though. Keep your head up and keep going. Thanks for the post and for stopping by my blog!

  2. How frustrating. I definitely think you should speak to the manager if anything like that happens again!