Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weigh In Day

Routines and habits: the new focus of WW 360 program. Sunday is a day filled with routines for me. I wake up, do laundry, feed the girls and Jon a breakfast of waffles (because its Sunday breakfast) while I enjoy my egg beaters because eating a heavy Sunday breakfast before weighing in seems CRAZY to me :) Then, I head off to weight watchers where I happily step on the scale and my favorite WW leader, Jon, encourages me to keep up the good work. Jon is an awesome leader--the best leader I have ever had. In fact, when I rejoined WW I actually switched meeting days because I enjoyed his meetings so much.

Cue dramatic music: duh duh duh...

Today, JON WAS NOT THERE! And, to make matter's worse, Jon is not coming back to Sunday meetings!!! WHAT??? I liked our leader today; she was great, but she was not Jon! She is just a sub for this month, our new Sunday meeting leader starts in March. As I have learned recently, a change in leadership can be good. But, through all of my weight watcher leaders (and I have had many), Jon has been my favorite. I am sad to see him go. Regardless, I will keep on trucking through this weight loss and I will keep going to my Sunday meetings because I like the routine I am in. I am hoping that my new leader will be fantastic, but if she's not, I am going to keep working hard to earn those stickers!!!

Today's results: -3.6 for a WW total of -20.8 or a grand total of -38.2 :) I am a pretty happy camper! My goal for the next 5 weeks is to lose 2 per week. That will put by 16 week total at WW at 30.8.

The bad news (not really bad) is that with my new weight, I lose a point. I am okay with that--I actually usually have to find a snack at the end of the night to finish my points anyway.

I am off to go finish watching the Superbowl. Went to a Superbowl party this evening and ate relatively healthy. One small desert, but I am positive that I did not veer over my weekly 49.

Have a great week!
Working my way to fit,


  1. oh i could not agree more with routine. I swear it's the best way for me to make good things simply habits...uh also how some of my bad things like needing chocolate after meals became a habit. Working on it!

  2. Awesome job on the weight loss and I hope that the new leader is just as good as Jon!