Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Eye-Twitchingly stressful week

Hi long lost friends!!!
While I have certainly dissapeared from the blogging world for the past week, I assure you I am still here and conscious about getting fit!

This past week, not only was I exceptionally busy at work, but it was also the last week of a class I was taking. Between being on the computer at work, and being on the computer to finish my homework, being on the computer for blogging was just out the window!!

Weigh-in on Sunday was a little dissapointing. I only lost 0.4, however, being that I went out to dinner with my family on Saturday for a birthday celebration, I expected to not lose much at all. Never a good idea to eat a heavy meal the night before a weigh-in, even if I had the 49 weekly allowable points to spend on the meal.
Good news: I am at 39 total pounds lost!!!

Bad news: This week has been insane--and I am not getting quality sleep, and my EYE is TWITCHING from stress!!! I have missed a couple workouts, and I just feel terrible overall. This stress is really getting to me right now. I know that a good workout will make me feel better, but I am already exhausted and on nights I work out, I end up staying up until 11. I can't tell you how ready I am for Friday. I plan on hitting PF on Friday and on Saturday. I also plan on recovering some much needed sleep on Saturday and Sunday so I can start next week with the energy I need!

I do not plan on posting again until Saturday because I plan on going "off the grid" for Valentines day. My husband deserves my full attention!  And, I am hoping to go to bed EARLY on Friday... so, with that... Have a happy Valentine's day! Do something fun that does not require eating unhealthily!!!

Working my way to Fit!

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