Tuesday, February 5, 2013


LT3! This week my new interim WW leader challenged us to try a new little thing and to make it a routine. This month's WW routine is to plan for exercise. So my LT3 was to plan my exercises and follow through with them. On Sunday, I sat down and wrote down my exercise days on the calendar. Today, I had a bit of a rough day at work. I got home and played with the girls, and before I knew it, it was bath time. Jon commented that he didn't really want to work out today. It would have been very easy to just skip exercise and snuggle on the couch watching our DVRd shows (<---- this would attribute to our weight gain of the past!). Anyway, my calendar said it was a work out day--my co-worker and friend asked before I left work if it was a work out day--every thing was screaming at me: IT IS A WORK OUT DAY.

Guess what??? To Planet Fitness I went and I rocked it! I went 3.5 miles and shaved 5 minutes off my normal time!!! That's a huge gain for me. The circuit was pretty full, so instead of adding a circuit, I hit the stair stepper for an additional 30 minutes. My friend Sam and I say that we know its a good workout when our eyelashes are sweating.. and mine definitely were today!

Even though I was not so motivated to hit the gym tonight, I stuck to my plan and I feel great. Fat me would have preferred to eat chocolate and ponder my stress with a book and TV. Fit me kicked stresses booty at the gym. I am loving this new me!
Jon also killed it at his workout tonight all--he added an extra mile to his workout: 5 miles in 50 minutes. I'm loving the new us!

Thanks for all the continued love and support.
Working my way to fit,

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  1. Good for you on getting up and doing that awesome workout!!